Saturday, September 4, 2010


Located in downtown Montreal Place Bonaventure is a large structure housing offices, exhibition halls and a Hilton Hotel. Also there's a metro station and underground passage to the Central Train Station and downtown shopping malls. Built in 1967 in the Brutalist style of architecture "the exterior walls are poured-in-place, ribbed sand-blasted concrete with the interior walls sand-blasted concrete or brick." (Wikipedia)

A run on photo of two sides of Place Bonaventure. The left side, almost seen above the day lilies, is part of the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure Hotel and the right side is offices.

Another run on photo of Place Bonaventure. The windows were added in 1998 when the building was renovated. I liked its look better before the windows were added but I can understand office workers wanting natural light in their workspaces.

I took this looking up from the sidewalk next to the building.

Hilton Hotel side of the building.

Hotel entrance and view of other buildings in downtown Montreal.

The concrete building with the prison like small windows is the back of the Central Train Station which is across the street from Place Bonaventure.

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