Saturday, September 11, 2010


As I wrote in an earlier post Montreal's Place Bonaventure is an example of Brutalist architecture. It's made of large poured concrete slabs which have been textured and look distressed. I shot black and white Ilford film for these pictures. Using a Holga camera with its plastic lens and fast shutter I find the details in the concrete look more dramatic in black and white film than in color film.

Taken from across the street. The parked cars help show how enormous the concrete slabs are and how large Place Bonaventure is. There are lines through the concrete and pitting which to me looks like giants threw big rocks at the building.

Standing in front of Place Bonaventure one sees both old and new buildings. I like the look of old and new buildings next to each other in downtown Montreal.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I like that textured wipe (what is it?) on the photos which echoes the lines of the concrete.

sbk said...

Hi duriandave,

Thanks. Would you believe the textured wipe look is "clear" Scotch Brand packaging tape I put inside the camera. The tape does look clear but actually has all kinds of imperfections in it so each time I tear off a piece and use it the effects are slightly different. So much fun.