Sunday, October 10, 2010

HOLGA-Matsushima Japan

These photos were taken in Matsushima, Japan using Fujichrome which I had cross processed when developed. The day was slightly overcast with little direct sun light so I used different settings to capture these images.

A runon photo. The left side is taken on Bulb mode which allows one to hold the shutter open for longer periods of time. The right side was taken on Normal (1/60 shutter speed) mode in the sun.

We took a boat trip around Matsushima Bay which has many small rock islands and oyster beds. This photo of two young men was taken on bulb mode.

Local shrine and trees taken at dusk.

A runon photo taken in and around the onsen where we stayed.

Another run on photo.


duriandave said...

I love the haunting effect of the green light.

BTW, what exactly is cross-processing?

sbk said...

Hi duriandave,


Cross-processing is developing color slide film(I use Fujichrome Provia-slide film) in chemicals used to develop color negative film. Vermont, Northeast US and Tokyo/Japan light produces a green/turquoise effect while the light in San Diego produces reds, yellows and oranges. I would guess this has to do with latitude & the intensity of the sunlight.

However when you develop color negative film in the slide film chemicals you get murp and dinge.
The photos don't look good or interesting.