Monday, October 4, 2010

HOLGA - Montreal -Sunny Summer Day

I'm a chronic complainer about the weather. This summer was too hot and now it's in the mid 50 (F) degree range with sunny skys, a bit of wind and I'm at it again. Too cool when really today is a fine example of a quintessential New England fall day. I was looking through some summer photos and came across these Holga photos I took in Montreal last July. What a nice sunny summer day I said and my husband who overheard me commented, "You complained about the heat that afternoon." Oh well...

Older building on a side street in downtown Montreal.

Building on the downtown campus of Concordia University where Fantasia Festival is held.

Another Concordia building.

A mural painted on the side of a building near Concordia.

Dumpster behind our hotel in Montreal.

Another dumpster behind our hotel. Sometimes what's behind the hotel is more interesting than it's entrance.

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