Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Signs Seen In Toyko

Sign in the bathroom at a Japan Rail Line.

I spotted this sign on the back of a policeman and wasn't close enough to read it. At first I thought it meant don't talk to the policeman but that didn't make sense.

Then I saw the same sign on a pole and it says smoking on the street is a no no.

A store in Kawagoe.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

You may laugh but that first sign is one that I wish one could see -- and be obeyed -- in Hong Kong and Malaysia!!!!!!

BTW, if you ever get hold of a copy of Elenore Smith Bowen's "Return to Laughter: An Anthropological Novel", you'll find out that many Africans favor the squatting toilet style too... ;(

duriandave said...

I wonder if squatting in Japan is a normal habit or just a way of avoiding a dirty seat. As for me, I don't always squat, but I will if it the seat looks dirty. But when I do squat, I always kick up the seat first.