Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mid afternoon I looked out the window to see snow falling at almost a forty-five degree angle. Wow, I thought as I grabbed my camera and hurried outside. By the time I was outside the snow squall had passed by and the sun was coming out. The beginnings of winter... so of course I had to quickly take lots of photos....this is the first snow I've seen here this season. I kept my camera aimed low to the ground in hopes of making it look like more snow fell than really did.

Glad I took this photo before the sun melted the snow.

Really, it did look like more snow was falling than this.

Wow, nice contrast- snow with green grass.

This looks like more snow coverage.

I guess we don't need to shovel the driveway.

Why isn't this yard totally covered with snow.

Now this looks like more snow. Next time I'll just take close up photos.

Back inside Gotochi Kitty from Hokkaido was waiting to see my photos.

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YTSL said...

I love the close-up photos of the snow on the grass and leaves. And oooooo re Gotochi Kitty -- kawaii neh! :D