Friday, November 26, 2010


After walking around the Hakodate Fishmarket (Hakodate Asaichi) I returned to our hotel and roused my daughter who quickly got dressed and headed out with me. I told her there were lots of small restaurants around the market and we should treat ourselves to a good breakfast. A woman standing outside stopped us and said (in Japanese) her restaurant was the best at the market so we ate there. She pointed at my camera and gestured that it was okay to take photos of her restaurant and everyone there.

Colorful sign in the restaurant.

Still looking sleepy my daughter explained the different donburi items on the menu.

Woman behind the counter dishing up rice.

Another woman behind the counter. Notice the orange Dharma doll on the counter. I've seen these dolls, a sign of good fortune, many places in Japan.

A good sized piece of crab leg came in the miso soup.

Tasty assortment of raw scallops, octopus, crab and tuna with a dollop of wasabi.

Tasty crab, fish, salmon eggs (ikura), sea urchin (uni) and wasabi. The coffee was very good too.

So good.

Gleefully texting and sending photos of our delicious breakfast to friends in Tokyo.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Even thought I'm still full after eating two Thanksgiving dinners at different houses yesterday, these photos are making me hungry.

Just great looking seafood served simply and perfectly, IMHO.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

The meals don't look gourmet but the seafood must have been very fresh. So I take it you both enjoyed your breakfasts? :b

sbk said...

Hi Glenn,

Sounds like a geat Thanksgiving Day! Two different that makes me hungry!

Hi ytsl,

Nothing gourmet about the fishmarket restaruants.....they're known for their fresh no frills seafood. Kind of like having clams and/or lobster on local dock restaurants in Maine. Yes, we were very happy with our breakfasts.