Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the Season

The local hardware store always has interesting seasonal displays outside their store. This holiday season I couldn't resist the mix of artifical trees with real vegetation. Late one afternoon I grabbed my cameras and took some photos. When I got home I told my husband I'd found the perfect Christmas gift.

I waited until late afternoon when the artifical trees were lit up to take photos.

The white garlands in the shape of a tree with giant lifesaver like ornaments was my favorite for a couple of weeks.

Then the smaller white trees with their bare stick like branches caught my attention. The monochrome lights look so, green, white and my favorite which is pictured below.

Blue. Wow, my idea of the perfect Christmas gift.


Anonymous said...

Love it! A lot of fun and as always you have a really great eye.
Actually two of them!
Merry Christmas!
Bill Andrews

sbk said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for you kind words. Happy New Year.