Saturday, January 22, 2011

Univ of Tokyo- Komaba RCAST- Architecture

The Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo is across the street from the Japan Folk Crafts Musuem which I visited one morning. As I left the museum I saw a very large, perhaps a city block long, Brutalist style building behind the museum founder's older traditional Japanese house. As a fan of the Brutalist style which uses very large poured concrete slabs in its buildings I was excited to discover this building. For the next two hours I walked around the mammoth building and its adjacent buildings. Three hundred photos later I decided that perhaps I'd snapped enough pictures.

The old and new in Tokyo.

University of Tokyo-Komaba Campus-RCAST Building or the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.

The bikes and orange plastic cones made the massive building seem less forbidding. The yellow above the passage way and the green plants helped too.

I saw very few people as I walked around the huge building so I was happy to see some students on bikes.

Another Brutalist style building whose ground floor houses a cafeteria/restaurant.

A house just off Campus but still part of the University.

A wooden play building for children. I like the massive gray brutalist style buildings on this campus even though I felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of them. However something about this wooden play building was very unsettling to me. Though the children playing in and around it were having fun.

The inside is empty except for two very low wooden tables where kids can sit and play with their toys.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Over 300 photos! Wow!

Re the wooden play building: I wonder... were you unsettled by it being so relatively uncolorful compared to the usual colorful objects associated with childhood?

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Yeah, I was surprised when I downloaded my photos that day. How did I take so many and not notice...

I think I was put off by the shape and relative small size of the windows. Also in early afternoon there wasn't much light inside the play building.