Friday, February 18, 2011


I took over a thousand photos on my trip to Japan. Mostly digital but I did take advantage of a sunny morning in Hakodate to snap some fun Holga pictures. I used Fujichrome Velvia film which I had cross processed thus the intense colors. While I was taking these photos I later discovered that my daughter was across the street or behind with a digital camera taking pictures of me taking pictures.

Flags outside the fishmarket in Hakodate.

Runon photo taken on a train and in Hakodate.

I took a picture then turned the camera upside down and immediately took another photo.

Along the Fishmarket street in Hakodate.

Runon photo. The left side is in Hakodate, the right side is in Aomori.

Double exposure of a cool building in Aomori. I think the building is used to house floats for the annual Nebuta Matsuri festival which is held in August.

Fishmarket before business started.

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