Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hermit Hill Books - A Contest

The small town of Poultney, Vermont where I live has a terrific bookstore, Hermit Hill Books. The store specializes in used, antiquarian and rare books both bought and sold. We've had a lot of snow this winter and many stores and homes have high snowbanks in their front yards. This end of winter Hermit Hill's owner Patricia McWilliams is running a contest. Go to the store and pick the date when the snowbank in front of Hermit Hill is gone and win a $25 gift certificate to spend in her store.

I took this picture yesterday late in the day. The photo on the Facebook page was taken earlier and looks bigger.

A close up of the contest rules posted in the snowbank in front of Hermit Hill Books.

Another view of the snowbank.

The snowbank is deceptive as it spreads out and is quite large.

A book I recently purchased at Hermit Hill. A great find for me who is a big Kenzuburo Oe fan. It's a Book of the Month Club publication from 1995 of three of Oe's novels. Oe won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1994.

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