Friday, May 27, 2011

HOLGA - More Desert and Salton Sea

I've lived most of my life in the northeastern USA so I found the desert east of San Diego fascinating. Unfortunately we didn't have time for many stops so I took photos out the window of the car for most of our day trip. Next trip I plan to take my time. Most likely I'll go with one other person who also likes to take lots and lots of photos so we may be gone for days or weeks.

Hills of rocks on route 8 east of San Diego.

Over lap photo of a building and the desert along route 78 heading west on our way back to San Diego.

The Salton Sea.

Desert with the Salton Sea and mountains in the background.

Dreamy desert.

More desert and mountains.

Sign for Mecca at the Northern end of the Salton Sea.

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holga gordon said...

The salton sea is such an amazing place. I love that it was formed on accident!