Friday, May 20, 2011

HOLGA - Torrey Pines Cliffs and Beach

Two years ago I posted some Holga photos of Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve taken from the top of its cliffs. This trip to San Diego we walked along the beach and looked up at the cliffs. I used Velvia fujichrome which I had cross processed to highlight the reds.

A sideways triple exposure looking up at the cliffs.

Another shot of the cliffs. There had been so much rain that the paths up and down the cliffs were closed the day we visited.

Lots of people walk along the beach as morning exercise. It was about 8:30 AM when I took these photos and the sun hadn't risen all the way over the cliffs yet. I become a little disoriented in California as I'm used to the Atlantic Ocean which the sun rises over and here by the Pacific Ocean is where the sun sets.

The Salk Institute is nearby so we stopped to take some photos of the famous Louis I. Kahn poured concrete buildings which I will post digital pictures of in another blog.

A run on shot of the Kahn buildings on the left and the desert on the right.

Pacific Ocean.

One last shot of the Pacific.

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