Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Spring

Last week we had such nice warm sunny weather it was hard not to photograph everything in sight.

The green in the center of the photo isn't a large bush but a tree fallen on it's side and still producing green leaves.

Leaves beginning to come out. They look a bit like underwater creatures.

Close up of my favorite Japanese Maple. The leaves are copper color for a very short time before they turn green.

Tiny tiny local pond.

Another shot of my favorite maple tree.

Sugar maple leaves.


Anonymous said...

Wow... lovely pics, sbk!

I love the one with the blurry green leaves against the coppery leaves. (And interesting to learn about them turning from copper to green, as I would have thought the opposite.)

As for that frog photo, I'm tempted to use it for my desktop background at work. That pond is about as swampy as my desktop, so it should be perfect.

And go, sideways tree! Hope it stays alive for next spring. :)

YTSL said...

So much green!!! :O

Re seasons: funny how you're into spring in Vermont as we're getting into summer over here in Hong Kong!

sbk said...

Hi duriandave,

Thanks for the compliments. And that frog (or one that size) was there last spring so I hope for another spring.

Hi ytsl,

Yes, we are now green. Vermont is the Green Mountain State. From the French vert (green) and mont (mountain). We still have cool mornings and nights....No sign of summer for us!