Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Early Evening in the Woods

The weather has been very rainy for the last week but usually in the early evenings the clouds roll away and the sun makes an appearance. It's a good time to take our dog for his daily walk in the local woods and of course take photos.

What's a walk in the woods without a stream.

Dame's Rocket (Hesperis Matronalis) is common in this area. This wildflower is considered an invasive species in some states.

Northern green frog aka the typical pond frog in this area of the country.

Swampy pond, home of the typical green frog in the above photo.

Dandelion seedhead.

A place to sit in the woods. The grass around the benches is mowed a couple of times during the summer.


YTSL said...

Envy, envy! I still have not caught sight of a frog, never mind taken a photo of one, in Hong Kong!!!!! ;(

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks for your comment.

What can I say.

The ones around here seem to come out in the early morning and early evening when the sun isn't directly upon their habitat.

In Tokyo in M's neighborhood they come up from the drains after a rainfall. And one must be careful not to step on them as they seem to be in a stupor.

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

Aaah... maybe me and frogs just like to be out at different times. (I like to hike in the afternoon -- and usually start my hikes only around noon and end before it gets dark!)

And wow re the Tokyo frogs. When it rains, one just has to try to avoid bumping people who freak out over rain and end up walking way more slowly than normal -- either that or threaten to poke your eyes out with their umbrellas. ;b

sbk said...

Hi again ytsl,

When I Googled "frogs Hong Kong" I came up with several entries-some for food and marketplaces where they can be purchased and some for the varieties found in the wild.

Around here they're found mainly in swampy areas and in late afternoon they seem to like to sun themselves.

From what you've written about the critters (snakes, etc) that live in the areas where you hike I'm glad you don't venture off the trail to "check out" swampy areas.