Monday, June 27, 2011

Frogs and More Frogs

Yesterday at the local swamp there were frogs everywhere. A thunderstorm was forecast so I quickly snapped away before the clouds rolled in.

Click on the photo and you can see the frog on the board that goes into the water.

Closer view.

Another frog sitting on another board. Often I see frogs basking in the late afternoon sun.

Two frogs in the pond. Notice the millifoil weeds growing in the water.

Close up of another frog.

View of the small swamp from the other side. Notice how mashed down the reeds are from the deer who come at night to drink from a nearby stream. Also there's a frog on the board.

A small frog.

A tiny frog almost hidden. At first I thought it was mud.

Storm clouds.

I walked faster when I saw these clouds.


YTSL said...

Envy, envy some more re your great frog pics, sbk! I guess I'll just have to take solace in my spider and other bug pics! ;b

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Thanks. Your spider and bug photos are awesome.