Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HOLGA -Summertime in Vermont

Below are some Holga photos I took last week while driving around on my day off. I usually take a Holga or two with me in the car. In the summer I tend to take more local photos as it's too hot to leave the cameras in the car so they're in my bag and easy to take out and use.

An indoor pond with koi fish and a waterfall inside a local garden center.

I like the bright blue pots these flowers are planted in.

Hanging basket of an unknown plant. There wasn't a tag which identified this odd looking plant.

A runon photo of wild irises and a purple plant in the bookstore garden .

More wild irises.

A new car wrapped in white at a local car dealership.

More wrapped VWs. I've put up photos of wrapped VWs before and still can't resist taking photos of them.

Runon photo of a wrapped VW and a bird of paradise flower growing inside a local garden center. Neither the koi fish nor the bird of paradise flowers are local to this area. It's too cold outside for them. Inside a warm garden center they're fine.

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