Wednesday, June 8, 2011

San Diego - Palm Trees

I like palm trees. I like their look and I like them as kitsch from visits to tourist shops in Florida. I like them because they don't grow where I live. One morning during our recent trip to San Diego I walked to a local grocery store and I saw lot of palm trees. I couldn't resist taking pictures of them. I preceded to take photos of palms trees for our entire visit.

Morning in the North Park area of San Diego.

Lots of overhead electrical wires in this photo.

Close up of a Date Palm.

Shadow of a palm tree (last one in this photo essay) in late afternoon.

Mediterranean Fan Palms at the San Diego Museum of Art.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the "cage" on the bed of this pickup truck.

Palm at dusk.


YTSL said...

Love your date palm close-up photo. :)

sbk said...

Thanks, I enjoyed walking around looking & photographing the different palms then identifying them online.