Saturday, July 30, 2011

HOLGA - Invasion of the Pink Triangles

More fun with a Holga. A few weeks ago I purchased a pack of clear color gels. I used one part of a gel and cut out triangle shapes which I then taped onto the clear tape filter I'd already put inside the camera. The below photos remind me of a very very very low budget attempt to create an alien invasion. Who says aliens won't arrive in/as pink gel triangles.

Wow, what are those pink triangles flying about in the early morning mist.

Now they're flying in front of the two silos I'm driving past in my car. Are they following me?

Where did that third pink triangle come from.

The triangles look brighter. Does that mean they're getting closer to me? Should I drive faster to get away from them.

Phew, the triangles now seem more interested in the field of wildflowers.

The Holga is such a great camera.


Anonymous said...

Wow... these are so cool, sbk! Seriously!!

sbk said...
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sbk said...

Many thanks Dave. Glad you like them.