Friday, August 19, 2011

Montreal - Fun In the City

Montreal is an interesting and fun place to visit. There is always something to see and photograph. Here area few photos of what we enjoy about the city.

Poutine, a tasty French Canadian dish of french fries, gravy and cheese curds is a meal in itself. Not exactly food for a hot summer day but the restaurant was air conditioned and I was longing to have some. And no, the two of us didn't finish all of it.

LinkFantasia Festival is held every year at Concordia University. I think we've attended twelve of the fifteen years of the movie festival. Favorite movies this year: The Last Ronin (Japanese), 13 Assassins (Japanese) and Blackthorn (Spain).

A visit to Odyssey Books, a second-hand bookstore, in downtown Montreal, is a must do. Every visit I find a few books here that "I've always wanted to read".

Interesting titles to temp anyone who loves books.

Fun discovery artifical palm tree... it's probably the only kind that can survive a cold and snowy Montreal winter.

White haired older women need exercise too.

Downtown Montreal is an interesting mix of older buildings next newer skyscrapers.

Close up of an older building.

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