Monday, August 8, 2011

Montreal - Yellow Mannequins

Montreal's rue Sainte-Catherine is a major downtown shopping street. There are department stores, large shopping malls above and below ground that are connected with each other and branches of international stores like Zara. I enjoy looking at their window displays and my favorites are the boutique windows. A handbag and shoe store caught my eye because the yellow mannequins placed around the store were nude.

The front of the store with reflections of shops across the street.

Can anyone miss the strategically placed black bag on the male mannequin. I was happy to see I wasn't the only one taking photos.

Female mannequin wearing a necklace.

Female mannequin in a different pose.

Another shutterbug. The nude mannequins are effective at drawing attention to the store and I like how the boots are around but not worn by the mannequin.

Pensive mannequin and pensive passer-by.

I had to leave for a movie so left without looking at the name of the store. Next trip I'll check. Nude yellow mannequins this year...what's next.

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