Friday, September 16, 2011

Scenic Walk

A couple of weeks ago we had a gathering of family and close friends. We started the festivities with a very short walk our family has enjoyed over the years. And when I say very short walk I mean an easy 5 minute walk over a gorge on a suspension bridge and into a wooded area where one can go down into the gorge and hike along the rocky shore line or climb small hills or just hang out talking with family and friends. We like this walk as it's scenic and versatile. Since it's part of the Appalachian Trail one can continue on from this area and walk northeast as far as Maine or south to Georgia.

We walked here the day before Irene stormed through. Fortunately there was very little damage to this tiny part of the trail.

Suspension bridge over the Clarendon Gorge.

Closer view of the suspension bridge.

And yes, if anyone wonders, you can rock the bridge side to side... but only a little bit.

View from the bridge.

View of the river from the wooded area.

Up river from the bridge.

View of the shore and woods.

Down stream from the bridge.

Another view.

Hiking closer to the water.

Rocks in the river.


Sara said...

Terrific pics, especially of the girls!

sbk said...

Thanks Sara, glad you like them.