Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall - Dwindling Color

A few rainy windy days and the fall foliage season dwindles down for another year. While not as spectacular as some falls there was still a lot of color to admire.

The dark clouds are harbingers of the approaching winter.

There is still color to be seen. I like the two trees next to each in different stages of fall colors (or loss of colors).

Leaves on this tree turned only a little yellow before curling up and falling to the ground.

Patches of orange.

Wow yellow.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

It seems like fall was on the short side this year. Is it normally the case? I ask partly because it seems like fall will be very short this year here in Hong Kong too -- sandwiched between an apparently everlasting summer but also predictions for a colder winter than usually is the case for here. :S

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Things seem a tad mixed up this year. The color changes came later than other years and the warm weather lasted longer. So did summer last longer and the colors of fall shorter? We're now in colder fall when the sky and clouds begin to say "winter isn't far away."