Friday, November 25, 2011

Hot Springs Spa

Several people had told me about the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa located where else but Jacumba, California, population 561. Jacumba's on the Mexican border seventy miles from the city of San Diego and still within the county of San Diego. Great hot springs, funky, retro, fun, pink flamingo statues, and best of all inexpensive were what friends said. A visit makes for a good beginning or end to sightseeing in the desert and the food is good. A few days before I left Vermont I looked up the spa's web site which had no photos but lots of information and the prices were very affordable. Worth a visit I thought.


We arrived late morning in time for a visit to the hot springs and then lunch.

Funky 1950's/1960's type sign.

Ugh-oh! But......I was on vacation and the desert is like a foreign place to me so I wasn't too upset. I got out of the car for a quick look around.

Big cactus held up with string and what looked like my dog's red leash.

By the entrance to the spa.

Front view of the entrance area. The tile sign must have been nice it its day.

Another view of the very closed spa. We looked over the wall and there wasn't much to see.

View as we left the spa to for further desert sightseeing.

When I returned home I again looked up the web site Hot Springs Jacumba and it was different from the site I'd seen before I left. Maybe the new Hot Springs Spa will be there on my next visit.


YTSL said...

Aiyaiyai, sbk. I guess it was one of those excursions where it really had to be a case of thinking in terms of "it's not the destination, but the journey", right? ;S

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

The desert is such a different environment for me that the whole day was, in a sense, the destination for me.