Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Japan & China Too

After my last post Hello Japan-November Challenge from In Spring It Is the Dawn I thought it might be fun to take photos of a few Japanese and Chinese things I have collected.

A volcanic ash figure of Jizo next to woven Lucky Bamboo which is Chinese and originated in Taiwan.

A closer view of Jizo with a red paper ribbon which I put around his neck as I don't have any bibs or hats.

Another view of Jizo with from left to right: Hello Kitty from a McDonalds children's Happy Meal, a clay figure of a Terracotta Warrior from Xian China, a Japanese metal cookie box with a carp, a blue antique Chinese tea cup and in the background a printout about the Jizo shire in Kita-Shinjuku.

Closer view of Jizo and Happy Bamboo.

A ceramic raccoon dog, Tanuki , and a smaller volcanic ash Jizo figure.

Hello Kitty figures I've collected in various regions of Japan.

Hello Kitty phone straps of from left to right: Osaka Castle Kitty , Onsen Kitty, Ninja, and Shinkonzen Tokyo Hello Kitty.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Looks like you've got great souvenirs from China and Japan. My favorite is the ninja Hello Kitty. Where did you get that one from???

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks, I have fun collecting them.

The label reads "Hello Kitty Ninja" with no place listed. The figures from specific places have the name of the place written on them. Ninja Kitty and Onsen Kitty are the only two non specific place ones I have as I couldn't resist them. Ninja also comes in black but I've only seen it in pictures.