Friday, February 24, 2012

HOLGA - Tokyo 1/2012

Here are a few of the more representational Holga photos I took in Tokyo this trip. Weather permitting I like to wear the Holgas and my digital camera around my neck as I often take the same shot with the different cameras. Several digital photos similar to the below Holga photos have appeared in previous blog entries.

Jizo. Taken at a local Buddhist Temple.

Double exposure of Jizo.

Vending machine at dusk. The photo was taken on the bulb mode which allows one to hold the shutter open for a longer exposure.

Cars under plastic.

Double exposure. Figures of Jizo taken at Zojo-ji the Tokugawa family temple.

Bulb mode run on photo of shops and computer screen.

Bulb mode photo of women eating lunch in the seats at the quilt show at the Tokyo Dome. I ate there too. It was very nice to be able to sit, eat and rest before walking around more of this very large quilt show.

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