Saturday, February 18, 2012

TOKYO International Great Quilt Show 2012

At the Tokyo Dome.

I have always been interested in textiles so a quilt show while I was in Tokyo was a must attend. The show is so big that it's held at the Tokyo Dome which is a baseball stadium. The quilts and the vendors filled the baseball field and then some. When I arrived at the train station near the Tokyo Dome I just followed the groups of women, many with handmade quilted bags, as I knew where they were going.

I turned around when I'd reached the exhibition floor and was amazed at the number of women pouring into the show.

So many quilts and attendees taking photos of them. I did check with the staff when I arrived who said photographs were allowed except for the antique quilts.

A featured guest artist's entry. Wow!

A cool looking older woman who was selling handmade clothes and fabrics. There were many vendors selling fabric, quilting accessories, clothing, kits, beads, buttons and even bottled wine.

Love the design and colors in this quilt. There were so many people I quickly gave up trying to take photos without people in them.

Colorful small quilt. The smaller wall quilts or wallhangings were framed.

One of my favorites of the small quilts. The smaller quilts were easier to photograph as the day I attended there weren't the crowds in front of them that the larger quilts attracted. My personal preference is for the small quilts which are often original designs rather than traditional quilt patterns seen in many larger quilts.

I must admit I was attracted to quilts with Japanese themes.

Another favorite.

Closer view.

A booth with lots of pink things for sale.

A handsome full size quilt.

Beautiful applique quilt.

Exhibit by another featured quilter, Kathy Nakajima. She also was a vendor at the show and each time I went past her booth there was a long line of people waiting for her to sign her quilt books.

A small landscape.

Lots of people.

A varation on what is known in the US as a log cabin design. The log cabin is one of my favorites.

No, not another quilt. But I think these panels that cover the top of Tokyo Dome would make a great quilt design.

In addition to the wonderful quilts the show was well organized with easy in and out access and the attendees were allowed to sit in the stadium seats to rest or eat or talk with friends.


duriandave said...

I *love* that mandala quilt with the papercut-inspired figures. My mom and aunts are quilters and my wife is really into fibers, so I've seen my share of quilts. If you're ever passing through the Bay Area, be sure to stop by the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. Their shows are always good.

sbk said...

Hi dave,

Thanks for your comments. I was a quilter for many years and can't resist any shows that are fiber related though quilts are my favorite. The San Jose Museum sounds wonderful.