Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holga - Snow

This winter there had been almost no snow. Sometimes the ground is lightly covered in the morning but has melted by noon. Recently local weather reports were agog with reports and bulletins of an approaching snow storm. At work, in stores and on the street everyone was talking about it. When I asked, "How much snow?" no one seemed to know which seemed strange to me. So that evening after listening to the TV weather reporter give a vague answer I went to the internet and scoured a weather site and found my answer. Two inches, 2 inches!! Other years this small amount would be mentioned in passing not the focus of a major weather story. I put film in my Holga just in case and wow we had 2-4 inches the next morning and out the door I rushed with Holga in hand.

The light puffy snow looks so pretty on branches.

And on bushes.

And on bushes cut back for winter which usually would be buried under the snow.

Even the mountains and fields looked pretty.

Fortunately the snow quickly melted and didn't topple this big bush.

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