Monday, March 5, 2012

Izakaya - Yokohama

One evening we got together with friends for dinner at an izakaya in Yokohama in an area near Sakuragicho Station. This area is known for its restaurants and many are only open at night. As we wandered around looking for the restaurant I had an opportunity to take photos while others looked for the place. I took both digital and Holga photos that evening. I will post the Holga photos another time as they are quite different from the photos seen below.

A rainy evening in January.

Guess what is this restaurant's specialty.

Another restaurant.

Finally we find the izakaya where we're to meet our friends.

These guys were very busy cooking all evening.

We had such a great time eating and talking with our friends that I didn't take photos of the food.

Lots of men eating at the izakaya that evening.

We sat on stools at the front of the restaurant and I couldn't resist taking a photo out the front window next to where I was sitting.

It started to rain as we walked to the subway station after our meal.

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