Friday, April 6, 2012

HOLGA - Crazy Lookin Bookstore

These Holga photos taken on the bulb mode with Velvia Fujichrome are a different look at the Northshire Bookstore where I work. And, yes they are only fun photos so if you visit don't expect the store to look like this.

A runon photo with clouds (outside not inside the store) on the left and the bookstore on the right side of the photo.

A Best Buy sign means sale books. Hooray.

Close up.

A shopper.

Notice how Chris Pavone's bestselling mystery, The Expats, stands out in the dark. Must be because it's an exciting thriller. You can buy it here. (A brazen plug.)

Another view of the store, a shopper in black and more books.

Bookcases full of books.

And still more books. Visit the store and you can see what the books actually look like; then purchase several and enjoy them.

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