Friday, April 27, 2012

Zojo-ji in Tokyo

On a cool sunny morning during my Tokyo visit I decided to visit the Zojo-ji Temple to see the many Jizo statues.   The multitude of figures at this temple was so large I ended up spending both the morning and part of the afternoon there.  I entered the grounds from a side entrance as I spotted the long rows of Jizo figures from an adjacent restaurant.

Lots of Jizo figures with their red hats and bibs.

   The temple was the family temple for many of the Tokugawa clan as can be 
seen from the hollyhock mons (family emblem) on the temple roof.

  Tokyo Tower can be seen looming over the temple.  
The very top of the tower is crooked. I was told by several people 
that thishappened during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The top is
 not being straightened in memory of the earthquake.

Close up of two Jizo figures.

Flower offerings.  Notice the Tokugawa mon on the blue cloth inside the 
small temple.

Funeral preparations inside one of the temples.  I asked a monk
 if inside photography was allowed and he answered yes, until the 
funeral begins.

The oldest part of the temple compound with modern buildings across 
the street.


YTSL said...

Beautiful photos and interesting accompanying commentary! Re the one with the Tokyo Tower: I tried to click but nothing happened, no enlargement. :(

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks for the comments. I redid the text under the Tokyo Tower photo.