Saturday, May 26, 2012

Green Again in Vermont

May is one of my favorite months here in Vermont.   Suddenly it seems everything is lush and green.  Early morning on a sunny day the grass and leaves are still wet from the dew and it's a great time to take photos.

                                 I took two photos of the shadows a large maple tree makes
                                 on the side of a house.  This one I snapped with a digital 

                                This photo I took with a Holga camera and it's also a runon
                                photo of a lawnmower up the street.


                                   There are many tall old maple trees here in our small town.

                                   A variety of Japanese maple whose leaves turn from copper
                                  to green in a couple of weeks.

                                  Closer view of maple leaves.  A very common tree in this
                                   area I never get tired of looking at.

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