Saturday, May 12, 2012


A week ago I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I had some free time and even though the day was cold, damp and bordering on rain I decided to take some photos,  The Stata Center at MIT was kooky enough to attract my attention. And the reflections from the different buildings in the group looked like they would make fun photos.  The lack of sunshine was a plus for me that day as I think with sun the reflections would have been blinding.

                                           As I wandered around I saw at least five other 
                                           people take photos of this sign.   

                                           My first thought was is this the house that Jack

                                            It took me a minute to realize that there were
                                            lots of different reflections.

                                            A closer view of the left hand side of the above

                                            Even closer.

                                            Another view.

                                           An outdoor amphitheater is part of the building
                                           complex.  As I stood at the top of the steps I 
                                           almost sang an ode to the crazy architecture.
                                           But alas no one was around to hear me........

                                                     A less chaotic looking building 
                                                     reflected in another more conventional


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Love your photos. Get the feeling that the Stata Center inspires creativity -- in you and presumably also those who work inside of it! :)

Re your blog's new look: will have to get used to it as "yours" but it definitely does look good. :b

sbk said...

hi YTSL,

Thanks, it was fun taking the photos.