Thursday, June 21, 2012

Okinawa-Busena Underwater Observatory

Puppet Ponyo accompanied us on our visit to the Under Water Observatory.

During last January's vacation to Okinawa we visited the Busena Marine Park Underwater Observatory.  We walked down a long pier to the Observatory, then down a spiral staircase 4 meters (40 feet) and through numerous portholes saw to quote their brochure "Colorful tropical fish! Live and swimming!"

We weren't the only ones here to see the tropical fish.

Portholes at different heights allowed young and older to observe the fish.


A favorite.

Puppet Ponyo whose hair is similar to the waving vegetation in the ocean

An Emperor snapper.

A glass bottomed boat ride was next to the Observatory.   Of course we went on it.

What a fun glass bottomed boat.


YTSL said...

Aaah, those wonderful photos bring back great memories... and make up for my (relative) lack of Okinawa photos! :)

P.S. Puppet Ponyo sends her regards.

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hello Puppet Ponyo, hope you're having a good summer.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Toward end of each month I try to visit some new blogs or ones that isn't on my coffee pal list...I came over from “ytsl”...I believe Vermont would be one of the state I would like to see. You got an awsome picture of the “Emperor Snapper” just love the expression on his face...Hope you have the time to stop in at my blog...Coffee is on.

sbk said...

HI pepperlady (Dora).

Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for the invite. I do like coffee.....