Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Statuary at a Local Garden Center

First of all I don't garden.  Other than an annual outing with my husband to buy his giant snapdragons I don't frequent garden centers as many of my friends do.  The one exception is that a couple of times a year I visit a wonderful funky garden center, Mr. Twitters, in Rutland, Vermont.  They are always excited when I ask to take photos and this year was no exception.  As a non gardener I am more interested in the non garden items they carry and this year I enjoyed the statuary and its placement among the many plants, etc they carry.  So my first photo essay is about the statuary.

The place.

Statue surrounded by purple blossoms.  I did say I don't garden....

Such a cute dog.  Who wouldn't want one in their garden.

Oh my, so European.  I'm an Asian fan myself.

Love the eyes on the figure on the left.

Who doesn't love a gargoyle.

Bishmon one of the 7 Gods of Luck.

A Jizo like statue.

And a Chinese bishop type figure hiding behind some green leaves.

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