Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HOLGA - Montreal

On our first trip to Montreal's Fantasia Festival we visited Chinatown before we headed off to the movies.  I recently purchased a Holga Pan Panoramic 135 camera and took a few double exposure shots in that part of the city.  Our second trip to Fantasia Fest held at Concordia University was on a rainy Sunday.  As seen in the Holga 135 panoramic photos neither we nor other movie attendees were bothered by the showers.

Double exposure Chinatown. See the face on Zero Hotel?


Fantasia Festival.

The benches were too wet to sit on while waiting for the movies.

Looking up during a break in the rain.

More rainy Sunday at Fantasia Fest.

Roof tops near Concordia University.

Double exposure.  Side view of Fantasia banner.

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