Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Road Construction by the Northshire Bookstore


Construction for two traffic rotaries by the bookstore where I work had barely begun when fissure damage was discovered on a bridge that's part of one of the rotaries. Now the road is closed as the bridge is being replaced.  This road is one of the main roads through town but not to worry traffic has been detoured down small sides streets.  And to paraphrase the popular Vermont saying, you can't get there from here,  you can get here from there only now it takes a bit longer.  The bookstore remains open and one can still park in our parking lot near the front door.

                                The road is closed, the pavement and sidewalks are pulled up 
                                and big holes dug as construction begins.

                                Machines and workers are ready to begin working.

                                 Movement everywhere and work proceeds.

                                Work on the bridge is underway and dust is everywhere.

                               Looking down from the top story of the bookstore.

                                New sidewalks appear.

                               Colorful fall flowers welcome customers.

                               Parking places and easy access to the store.

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