Friday, September 14, 2012

HOLGA - Lock 12 Champlain Canal

Usually when I'm takings photos in Whitehall, New York lock 12 of the Champlain Canal
isn't in operation.  However it was on my last visit.  I was at the end of a roll in my Holga Pan 135 camera when I saw not one but two boats traveling north on the canal and into the lock.  The water was let out a faster rate than I had anticipated so I hurried to reload my camera.  I was rushing and mashed the beginning of the film into the camera. I wasn't sure how the photos would come out and was pleased with the effects in the first photo below. Fortunately the rest of the photos came out too.

                                     The Champlain Canal and buildings along the canal.

                                                          Looking South from the lock.

                                                                   Lock 12

Looking down as the doors open to let the boats out.  I missed the water lowering as I was       reloading my camera.

                                                        Boat number one heading north.

                                               Boat number one and two heading north.

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