Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tokyo - Fish Restaurant

My friend YTSL, at Webs of Significance, has been writing about her recent trip to Japan.   While reading and enjoying her posts I remembered a fish restaurant my daughter and I ate at in Tokyo that we had enjoyed a lot.  The restaurant is part of a chain and the one we go to is on Okubo Dori near the Okubo JR Train Station.  It's casual, loud, fun and the food is tasty.  The first time we ate there we ordered too much so now we order two or three dishes and go from there.

                             There are both Japanese and English menus and we looked at both.

                                          Our first dish sashimi with mackerel was very good.

                                      We cooked this crab dish on a grill set up on our table.

                                                             Ordering more food. 

 Tasty fish( mackerel) then the fish skin was returned and we ate that too.

                                                        Tuna steak with garlic.  So good.

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YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

So the place is an izakaya that specializes in fish -- raw and cooked? Sounds (and looks) good!!! :b