Friday, October 19, 2012

End of Fall Colors - Vermont

The colorful leaves are falling to the ground and each day there are more to rake.  Late one afternoon this past week I took these photos at the Lakeside Park.  It's the same place as the photos in previous entries.  The difference is that those photos were taken in early morning when the sun was facing me and these were taken late in the day when the sun was behind me.  From a distance the trees look more scenic than they do up close.  A popular discussion this time of year is about the leaves:  their color or lack of, which previous years were better and why this season's colors aren't as good as two or three years ago. Reasons given include: not enough rain this summer, the lack of snow last winter, the hurricane a year ago September, etc, etc.

                      There were few red leaves this season so I was happy to take this photo.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Beautiful photos!

End of fall or just the end of fall colors? In any case, what a contrast to here in Hong Kong where fall's only just beginning!!

sbk said...

Thanks. Well, it's just about the end of fall colors. Though technically the season is fall it was 30 degrees F (a titch below 0 degrees C)the other morning as I was driving to work. I had to scrape off my car's windshield too.