Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Lunch in Vermont - Sissy's Kitchen

After weeks of talking about lunch at Sissy's Kitchen in Middletown Springs (population 745) a friend and I went there today.  Sissy's is not a restaurant but a take away kitchen where one orders food then takes it away to eat or as we did, sits at a table on the front porch.  There's also a barn out back where one can sit and eat.  Her delicious foods make a fall day even better.  And I'll say it again, the food here is wonderful.

         I always feel welcome as I walk up the stone pathway to the porch. Notice the dog sign.

                         The sign doesn't say how tasty the food is - Breakfast Lunch Dinner.

                                                 Perfect place for lunch on a fall day.

                                The grape vine "chandelier" on the ceiling lights up too.

                                                      Here's one of the three "parked dogs".

                                  All kinds of goodies to eat and baskets to carry them in.

     Sissy sells her canned products and in addition to her freshly prepared food one also can also          purchase her frozen soups or entrees.

                                                     Everything looks yummy. And it is.

      Artist Anna Dibble's animal greeting cards are for sale too.  Also check out her paintings .

                             Today's menu.  People were buying dinner while we had lunch.

      My lunch choice: roast beef with herbed garlic cream cheese, red onions, lettuce on toasted
 rye with German potato salad.  Wonderful!

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YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Sissy's Kitchen looks lovely! Re Middletown Springs: I've often wondered what the residents of such small places do -- are they mainly farmers or...?