Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween at the Northshire Bookstore

This year's Halloween displays at the Northshire Bookstore are fun and imaginative.  The porch window display features gravestones with employees names.  When the window display was finished everyone rushed to see who was included. Some were overjoyed to see their names and some glad that they weren't included.  All in all good fun.  The displays inside the store don't have gravestones but lots of books and accessories for the holiday.

                        The glare on window on the bookstore porch adds to the display I think.

                                                                     A closer view.

                                 Another view with the porch railing reflected in the window.

    The window designer at work. He also writes a pithy weekly blog on books and movies. 

                                         Happy Halloween with a selection of creepy books.

                  A closer view. Ghost Stories of New England looks scary but so does Poison.

                         And don't forget the Children's Department has books and costumes too.

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YTSL said...

Wowie! You guys sure put in some effort with regards to getting into the Halloween spirit! ;D