Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vermont - Fall Colors

Wow, suddenly the leaves that haven't fallen off during the several days of rain we've had are now changing color.  Sumac is very red this year and the sugar maples are just beginning to turn in some areas.  On a recent morning I took photos at a small local Lakeside Park which has some lovely views and no people around.

                                  The morning mist was just beginning to disappear.

                                                                    Here comes the sun.

           View from between two trees frames the beginning colors and their reflections in the lake.

                                                             Lily pads and fallen leaves.

                                                  A small dock for swimming or boating.

                                  There are even picnic tables and small grills for cookouts.


YTSL said...

Some really beautiful shots there, sbk. I particularly like the "lily pads and fallen leaves" image. :)

sbk said...

thanks ytsl, it's always fun to find a new place to take photos.

Horsoon said...

Reflection shots are my favorites too! The colors of those leaves are simple beautiful :)

sbk said...

Hi Horsoon,

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I like reflections shots too.