Saturday, November 17, 2012

Metal Animal Sculptures - Borrego Springs California

Ricardo A Breceda is a metal sculpture whose life size and larger animals roam the open desert at the Galleta Meadows Estate in Borrego Springs, California.  Borrego Springs is located in the 600,000 acre (2,400km) Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park  in the Colorado desert in Southern California.  It's a two hour drive from the city of San Diego or Palm Springs.  Animals, both real and mythical, are located all over this area.  Some are close to the main roads and others further into the desert. We spent a morning driving around looking at them.

                                               Looks like a Chinese style dragon to me.

                       The back end of the dragon appears on the other side of the paved road.

Closeup of a scary looking bird.

 I wouldn't want to look up and see this bird overhead.

                                                 An elephant looking out into the desert.

         Another scary looking beast. You can see houses by the paved road toward the photo's top.

Fighting with the dinosaur.  I wonder who will win.

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YTSL said...

Woah, the Galleta Meadows Estate looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos, sbk! :)