Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Northshire Bookstore Holiday Season

Here at the bookstore the Christmas decorations are up, the holiday books and merchandise are out and this year we have a gingerbread Northshire Bookstore made by Fran Tobia one of our booksellers.  Fran and her daughter had no sooner carefully carried the gingerbread bookstore in from their car when people gathered around it.  There were lots of "ohs" and "how delightfuls" from our customers.   I was surprised at the number of teenagers who seemed enchanted by Fran's creation.

      As the sun comes in the front window of the store the windows in the gingerbread store light up.

                                                  Close up of the entrance to the bookstore.                                            

                                                                So many fun details.

                                  Santa's elves and lots of things to trim your tree with.

                                        Wonderful ornaments for your Christmas tree.

           Lest I forget this is a bookstore and here are some mystery novels for holiday presents.

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