Friday, December 14, 2012

HOLGA - Abandoned Bungalows Borrego Springs

In 1958 this Borrego Springs California desert retreat now named the Palms at Indian Head burned to the ground.  What remained of the bungalows were not up to fire code and most were torn down.  After several incarnations and owners the hotel was bought in 1993 and now the main part of the hotel has been transformed into a retro style nice looking hotel.  At the end of the hotel's parking lot several of the old bungalows sit abandoned.  As a fan of photographing abandoned buildings I was interested in these remaining structures.  These desert abandoned buildings are very different from the ones in the northeast US where I live.  Not only is the architectural style different but here in Vermont abandoned structures are overgrown with all types of vegetation from grass to trees. These pictures are a mix of Holga, Holga Panoramic 135 and digital photos.

                    Entrance to The Palms at Indian Head Hotel a very inviting looking hotel.

                                          Abandoned bungalows next to the hotel's parking lot.

                                Overlapping Holga photo of walkways to the bungalows.

                    Abandoned pink bungalows sit in the desert with mountain in the distance.

                Another view of the bungalows.  A private home can be seen in the distance.

                                      Taking interior photos with a digital camera.

                                                    Digital photo of a bathroom.

                                    View of a palm tree through a bedroom window.

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