Saturday, January 19, 2013

Engakuji Temple Kita-Kamakura

About a year ago on a gloomy cold January day while visiting family in Tokyo I took a day trip to Kamakura.  I've been there several times but never in winter so hoped the forecasted snow would be falling and I could take photos of temples in snow.  As my train went through Yokohama there was spitting snow but as we came to the Kamakura area it was overcast but no snow. I got off in Kita-Kamakura to see the Engakuji Temple which is one of the important Zen temples in this part of Japan.  The temple is built on a hillside and as I walked up to the Sanmon (important main gate) I thought that perhaps there would be a sprinkling of snow at this slightly higher elevation.  No such luck.  As the sun peeked out I gave up my romantic notions of a snowy day spent photographing temples and the Kamakura Daibutsu.

               A cold day. A warmly dressed mother and daughter walking up to the main gate.

                           The sun came out for a few minutes and brightened up everything.

                            More visitors walking up the hill to the other temple buildings.

        Many of the buildings were closed that day but not this small shrine built into the rock.

                                                 Fresh flowers adorned this rock shrine. 

Figures (scarecrows?) made from rice straw.

The different temple buildings had a kind of beauty on that cold bleak winter day.

Wow, bright yellow lemons.

 Jizo. This area was closed.I had to stretch over a bamboo gate for the photo.

 I bought two cloth prints of Jizo in the temple gift shop.


YTSL said...

Engakuji Temple looks great! Oh dear, sbk, I think you've shown me one more Kamakura temple I should try to go visit!! ;S

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

I think there are so many temples in Kamakura it will take me another 5 trips to see most of them. I would visit Engakuji in the spring or summer as it looks like they have lovely vegetation.