Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holga - Laundromat

I enjoy going to and photographing laundromats.  My favorite time to take pictures is after people put their clothes in the washers and/or dryers and leave for awhile.  When I'm alone I can concentrate better and I like the movement of the clothes in the washers or dryers. When people are busy folding their clothes or putting wet clothes in dryers they pay little attention to me but if they are sitting reading a magazine or newspaper and see me with my Holga cameras their questions and comments are distracting. And since this is a rural area I often see the same people.  Now I take my clothes so I have a legitimate reason for being there.  My friends sometimes laugh at me and last week a friend asked, "What else besides taking pictures of washers and dryers did you do on your days off?".  The photos below were taken at my local and most favorite laundromat.

                                                  Looking out the laundromat window.


                                                     The plants are a recent addition.

                                                                Overlapping photo.

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