Friday, March 8, 2013

End of Winter Trip to Montreal


Usually our trips to Montreal are in the summer when the weather is warm and Asian movies abound at Fantasia Festival.  However this end of winter's showing of the Korean Blockbuster The Berlin File was too good to miss.  So in between this winter's storms we went to Montreal and were not disappointed.  Exciting, fast paced with lots of action we know why this action thriller was /is a big hit in South Korea.

Smoke's Poutine is a popular place and we didn't
 want to miss anything so had a tasty meal here.

Back at the hotel I took some photos out the window.

Our evening event was a talk by Atelier Bow-Wow's 
Toshiharu Tsukamoto. I now have a better under-
standing of Tokyo's detached architecture.
(Photo from Atelier Bow-Wow.)

In for the night at our hotel I couldn't resist
looking at the city lights and taking this photo.


YTSL said...

Great photos, sbk! Re "The Berlin File": it's showing at the HKIFF and I'm hoping that it'll get a commercial release in Hong Kong afterwards (as my HKIFF schedule is looking too full to accomodate it!).

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Thanks for your comments. I would think/hope "The Berlin File" would get a commercial showing in Hong Kong as it's a mega hit in South Korea.