Sunday, March 31, 2013

HOLGA - Two Champlain Bridges

On our recent trip to Montreal we went over two bridges named Champlain; one between Vermont and New York state and the other over the St Lawrence into Montreal, Canada.  The first was a smaller bridge in a rural area and the second a bigger bridge into a large city.

                                                             Chimney Point, Vermont


          Champlain Bridge between Chimney Point, Vt. and Crown Point, NY.  In 2009 the bridge was  deemed unsafe and removed by an explosive demolition.  A new bridge was built and opened in 2011.

                      Champlain Bridge, Montreal, PQ, Canada is much bigger and older bridge.


           Billboard at the beginning of the Champlain Bridge going north into Montreal. Aldo
           (shoes)  has rented this space for many many years.


                                                   Driving on the bridge into Montreal.

    Another bridge crossing the St Lawrence into Montreal. There are several bridges from the
    south shore into Montreal.

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